About Us

Barracks 616 is West Michigan’s newest, state-of-the-art shooting facility, firearms & accessories retail store, and training/education center. We offer friendly, knowledgeable service for all skill levels — from beginner to the expert marksman — with the product selection you want.

Our goal is to provide a comfortable environment to anyone interested in shooting, whether you have experience or not. Safety and education are our top priorities.

We offer everything you need for a great day of shooting, or firearms & accessories shopping — all under one roof.


The Retail store will remain open with proper distancing and limited capacity to comply with all mandates. Please direct any questions by email to: [email protected]



  • Mon: CLOSED
  • Tue: 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Wed: 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Thu: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.*
  • Fri: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.*
  • Sat: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Sun: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. (RANGE ONLY)

*First hour on Thursday and Friday dedicated to vulnerable populations

**Last available Range Time is ONE HOUR before the facility closes.

Contact Us

We are receiving peak call volume. Please send us an email or try again if you do not get through.

Phone: (616) 259-6979

Training Requests / Class Questions: [email protected]
General Inquiries: [email protected]

COVID-19 Information

In order to stay compliant with all COVID -19 safety guidelines we have put the following policies in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees and customers. We will be adopting policies to prevent customers from entering the premises if they display any symptoms.

Safety is our top priority. Please see below for current Safety Measures.


  • Reservations Only, Contact Us for range scheduling. Class Registration
  • 1 Person per lane unless from the same household.
  • Limited Rentals and 10 Shot Demos available.
  • Class sizes limited to State Restrictions.
  • Per current Sate Order, Facial Coverings are required
  • First hour on Thursday and Friday dedicated for vulnerable populations.
  • Lounge Areas closed due to Social Distancing.
  • Due to limited supplies use of own Firearms and Ammunition is recommended.
  • Standard Range Policies still apply, see Range Waiver Form or Staff for details.
  • Violation of State or Company Policies may result in removal from our facility.

COVID-19 Operations

  • Only guests who will be making purchases will be allowed to enter the store to help eliminate the spreading of germs. This means no children, friends, family, etc. We will encourage employees and customers to maintain six feet of distance from one another.
  • Per the current State order it is required for all employees and customers to wear a face covering when inside the store unless a medical condition prohibits the wearing of such covering.
  • Due to the high demand and limited supply, we are restricting ammo and gun purchases based on availability. Shipments will still be arriving weekly, so feel free to call the store to see if we have the product you are looking for.
  • We will try our best to order items that are out of stock or for a particular item you are seeking. We may be able to take orders for larger quantities depending on the request. Customers will be notified once the order/transfer has been received/checked in by our staff. Please note there may be a delay in response due to restricted staff during hours of operation.

Thank you for your support and patience as we navigate through this.

Indoor Range

Standard Range Fees

  • $20 per hour
  • $15 per 1/2 hour
  • 50% off for 2nd person (maximum 2 people per lane)


$30/month – Unlimited Range Time

Call ahead and make reservations up to one month in advance.

Range Rules and Policies

Prior to using the Barracks 616 Firing Range, you will be required to read and sign (on-site) our Range Policies document. These Rules & Policies are posted online only for your review — actual form must be filled out on-site before entering the range.

Download PDF

Range Waiver Form (Example ONLY – Download in PDF format)

Download PDF

Barracks 616 Consent & Release Agreement (Download in PDF format)

Rental Firearms

We offer a wide selection of rental firearms with two options for rental:

  • Full rental – $10 for the firearm + Cost of ammunition (rentals must use our ammo).
  • 10 for 10 – $10 for the firearm + 10 rounds of ammunition to try it out.

Purchase of Firearm within 24hrs of firearm rental will result in rental price credited toward purchase (Two Rental Maximum)

NOTICE: Due to limited ammo supply, customers may use their own new, brass cased ammunition in our rental firearms if ammunition is unavailable for purchase at the store. 


12 Shooting Lanes - 25 Yards

Our state-of-the-art range offers safety & environmental benefits not available elsewhere in the greater Grand Rapids area.

8 full-time public lanes, 4 private lanes

Our private lanes are used for classes, events, classes and overflow. Call us today to reserve lanes for your event.

Industry Standard

Action Target’s Total Containment Trap™ (TCT) is the dominant industry standard for modern, heavy-duty, steel bullet traps.

Action Target’s Total Containment Trap™ (TCT)

The TCT incorporates the strengths, and eliminates the weaknesses, of other traps, and is the superior choice for ranges where safety, reliability, and ease of use are top priorities.

Environmentally Friendly

It also protects the environment by collecting lead fragments into sealable containers, filtering lead dust.

Environmentally Friendly

It eliminates the need for potentially hazardous materials like rubber, oil, or contaminated water. It also protects shooters by eliminating dangerous splatter, ricochet, and lead dust build up.

Funnel Plates

Gently sloping funnel plates reduce bullet break up on initial impact. Splatter and ricochet are virtually eliminated, even when firing at very close distances.

How it works

Bullets slide along the plates until they reach the deceleration chamber where they are safely contained.

Deceleration Chamber

Bullets slide along the funnel plates through the open throat, safely spin along a round steel path until their energy is fully dissipated, and fall harmlessly to the bottom of the trap.

Patented Open Throat Design

the Total Containment Trap™ (TCT) has absolutely no deflectors, side walls, or other vertical edges found in other designs. The chambers are assembled to form a continuous sealed environment with no gaps.

Dust Collection Unit (DCU)

Designed with a negative pressure vacuum system that continuously removes lead dust and other fine airborne particles from inside the deceleration chambers of the TCT.

OSHA Approved Filtration

To comply with OSHA regulations and protect the surrounding environment, the DCU uses its own internal filters to clean the air from the trap before it is exhausted. Our negative pressure vacuum system is superior to positive pressure.


Training and Classes

Online Class Calendar / Registration

Private Instruction: $75/hr

The instructor will consult with the student to determine what type of instruction that they are interested in. Instruction is available for handgun, shotgun or carbine. To schedule, send us an email at: [email protected]

Basic Handgun

  • Cost: $75
  • Duration: 3 – 4 hours
  • Class Size: Min 4 / Max 8
  • Provided Equipment:
    • Eye & ear protection provided
    • .22 caliber handgun with 50 rounds of ammunition will be provided
    • (Optional) Bring your own personal handgun & 50 rounds, and receive a $5 credit

This class is for the first-time gun owner, or those who are new to handguns. The purpose of this class is to teach the new handgun owner the essential safety skills required to operate, transport and store a handgun safely and effectively. Students will learn the different types of handguns, major components of each, and how to properly care and maintain their firearm. Students will also learn the fundamentals of handgun marksmanship. The class will conclude with a live fire session on the range, where each student will fire 50 rounds and receive individual instruction from a qualified handgun instructor.

Concealed Pistols License (CPL) – USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Class

The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) Concealed Carry and Home Defense Course is the newest, most up to date class that meets and exceeds all of the requirements you need to apply for your Michigan CPL. This class will include a professionally produced multi-media classroom presentation as well as range time. The students will receive their own copy of the book “Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals.” This is a beautiful full color up-to-date book that covers all of the materials that will be covered in class.

What you will learn:

  • Developing a Personal & Home Protection Plan
  • Self-defense Firearm Basics
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Michigan CPL Law and Legal Supplements
  • The Legal Use of Force
  • Violent Encounters and their Aftermath
  • Gear and Gadgets
  • Basic and Advanced Skills 

More Info:

  • Cost: $150
  • Duration: 8+ hours
  • Class Size: Min 8 / Max 16
  • Required Equipment:
    • Handgun
    • 100 rounds ammo (check for availability at retail)
    • Eye & ear protection
    • Lunch/snacks
    • Pen/Pencil


4 hour basic level course will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to enjoy and maintain your AR-15 properly. Upon completion of this course students will have gained a firm understanding of the AR-15 / M4, its parts and operation. As well as a solid foundation of basic marksmanship skills.

Topics Covered:

 – Parts and operation of the AR-15

– Disassembly and reassembly the of AR-15

– Basic maintenance and cleaning

– Accessories, optics, slings

– Basic marksmanship skills

– How to obtain a proper “zero”


Equipment Requirements:

  •  AR-15 rifle (rentals available free of charge)
  • 50 rounds of ammunition (.223/5.56)
  • *If renting firearm, ammo must be bought from Barracks 616*
  •  Eye /ear protection (provided if needed)

COST: $75



Concealed Carry Fundamentals I

  • Cost: $95
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Class Size: Min 4 / Max 8
  • Required Equipment:
    • Defensive caliber handgun (.380 or larger)
    • 300 rounds Min*
    • Rigid iwb or owb Holster (no Serpa style)
    • Minimum 3 magazines + Carriers
    • Eye & ear protection

This class is for the person that already possesses their CPL. This class will build upon the foundation that the Concealed Pistols License (CPL) provided. Topics discussed will be handgun and holster selection, how to dress properly to conceal a firearm as well as the proper mindset required while carrying a firearm. The majority of the class will be spent on the range learning the proper draw stroke of the firearm, reloading, malfunction clearances and the essentials of handgun marksmanship including different shooting positions. Class size is limited to 8 students.

Concealed Carry Fundamentals II

  • Cost: $95
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Class Size: Min 4 / Max 8
  • Required Equipment:
    • Defensive caliber handgun (.380 or larger)
    • 300 rounds ammo
    • Rigid style iwb or owb Holster (No Serpa style)
    • Mag carrier
    • Minimum 3 magazines
    • Eye & ear protection

This is the second foundational course in our Concealed Carry Pistol Series. This class build upon the fundamentals gained in CCF 1, focusing on moving while shooting and proper use cover.


  • Shooting and moving
  • Use of cover
  • Moving/working around cover
  • Positional work with/without cover
  • Multiple targets


  • Must have valid CPL
  • Successful completion of Concealed Carry Fundamentals 1

CORE Pistol Classes

Finding the time to take a 8+ hour training course is hard these days, let alone the cost of ammo that come with shooting all day. Because of these factors, we have designed The Barracks 616 Core Pistol Classes to give students more opportunities for advanced training with less time and cost!

CORE Classes focus on different topics each class. By only drilling one topic per class, we are able to shorten the class time and round count, all while ensuring the information presented is retained by the student.

These classes are an excellent resource for people new to concealed carry, as well as, a great way for experienced shooters  to work skills not typically allowed on indoor ranges.

Topics Include:

  • Working from the holster
  • Shooting from cover
  • Moving and shooting
  • Low Light
  • Malfunctions
  • Reloads (Speed reloads/Tac reloads)


  • CPL or Equivalent Handgun Training Course
  • Defensive Handgun (.380 or larger)
  • IWB/OWB Rigid Style Holster
  • MIN. 2 Magazines
  • Mag carrier
  • 200 rds of Ammo
  • Eye & Ear Protection

Cost is ONLY $59.99 per class!

USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level:1

Looking for the best defensive handgun training available after obtaining your CPL?


Build off the classroom knowledge in the USCCA CPL course by training your mind & body how to react with the DSF L1 Live-Fire Course! It’s imperative that you train in as effective, realistic and practical a manner as you can. You can’t waste time or resources on anything that isn’t a specialized area of study. Designed by world–renowned instructor, author and consultant Rob Pincus, the DSF L1 course will guide you through the steps you’ll need to take to go from just sending rounds down range to actually training in specific, tested methods of armed self-defense.

From stance to grip to physical shooting technique, Defensive Shooting Fundamentals: Level 1  will help you hone the edge on your inner warrior expert. You’ll get your body working with your gun instead of against it, you’ll learn which intuitive skills work best with what your body will naturally do while under stress in a dynamic critical incident, and you’ll learn to apply this information simply and effectively regardless of your skill level.

This is a blended class format. After signing up at Barracks 616 ,you will need to contact the USCCA to be given access to the eLearning modules which must be completed before coming in for the live fire course.

Class includes:

–   DSF1 eLearning (must be completed before class)$147 value

–   DSF1 Book ($35 value)

–   DSF1 1-day Live Fire Course (All Range)

–   Certificate of Completion

Topics Covered:

– The Balance of Speed and Precision

– Presentation from the holster

– Moving off line of attack

– Emergency Reloads

– Malfunction Clearing




More Info:

– Time: 8hr

– Round count: At least 400 rounds (more is better)

– Must have valid CPL

– Semi-auto Defensive Handgun

– Strong side Rigid Holster

– Min. 4 Magazines

– Mag carriers

– Eye/Ear Protection

*Must Sign Up at least 14 days prior to class date*

Sign up today! This class is in very high demand and spots are filling quickly.

COST: $250

CORE Medical Courses


As an addition to the CORE pistol series of classes, Barracks 616 has partnered with Bad Day Industries to provide their line of “Medicine for the Armed Encounter” Series. Bad Day Industries is a group of operational medical providers and educators with a wide variety of backgrounds including; Military, Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, Paramedics & EMTs. These Operational Medics are also certified medical educators and instructors. Our instructors have, on average, over 10 years of experience teaching medicine to the field operator.

The MAE (Medicine for the Armed Encounter) Series will encompass the various stages of medical care at an emergency scene. These programs will have an emphasis on hands on, applicable skills. Using the principles of human physiology and the latest concepts in learning – our operational medical educators will teach you how to save a life, when seconds count. An armed encounter is any event that requires your intervention – not necessarily a violent encounter.  These could happen at the range, home, car, workplace, ANYWHERE. You have an armed mindset – Now add some medicine to that skillset!

MAE 0 – Fundamentals of Medical care at an Armed Encounter (6 Hour) $200 – Comprehensive course covering all topics.

MAE 1 – Hemorrhage Control (2 Hour) $59.99


Pressure Points

Wound Packing

Hemostatic Agents

MAE 2  – Airway management (2 Hour) $59.99

Airway positioning


Choking mitigation

MAE 3  –  Respirations  (2Hour) $59.99

       Recuse Breathing

       Chest Injuries


Coming Soon!!!

MAE 4 – Circulation (2 Hours)

MAE 5 – Hypothermia (2 Hours)

MAE 100 – Enhanced Range Safety Officer – Range Medical Officer (16 Hours)

MAE 99 – Enhanced Range Safety Officer (4 Hours)

Online Class Calendar / Registration

Our Instructors

Instructor Derek Jensen

Derek Jensen

Derek has been with Barracks 616 since it’s very beginning. A lifelong hunter, Derek’s interest in firearms began as a child, hunting and target shooting with family and friends, eventually participating in multi-gun competitive events. That passion has grown into a career focused on high quality firearm training, from the safety basics to certification classes, from one on one instruction to reality based self defense training classes.

Derek obtained his CPL after taking the NRA PPITH class and knew immediately there was a great need for high quality firearm instructors. He has trained through many of the top quality schools, including MPD, HSP, GCT and the NRA, and has spent hundreds of hours working with MIL/LEO instructors. Derek is certified to teach the USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals Course, NRA’s Personal Protection Inside the Home course, NRA Basic Pistol course and the NRA’s First Steps course. He is a Certified Pistol Instructor and Chief Range Safety Officer. In 2018, Derek became one of the first Instructors in the Country certified to teach the USCCA DSF Level 1&2 courses.

Derek is dedicated to delivering the highest quality education and training, including reality based self defense, in a relaxed, professional setting. He continues to further his own education, skill and knowledge working with the best instructors nationwide.

Certifications Include:

USCCA Certified Instructor



NRA Certified Pistol
NRA First Steps
NRA Chief Range Officer
ADSI Intuitive Sight Fire Instructor
ADSI Defensive Shooting Instructor
M&P Armor
AHA Heartsaver CPR-AED

Instructor Gary Dredge

Gary Dredge

After completing his training as a Pilot and Aircraft Mechanic at Grand Rapids School of the Bible & Music and serving as a staff flight instructor Gary was recruited by Missionary Flights International for service in Haiti and other needy island countries.

After serving as a DC3 Pilot & Mechanic with MFI for 12 years Gary, His wife Cheryl and their 2 children returned to the Grand Rapids area. He worked for a time as a charter pilot before He began a second career with Grand Rapids Fire Dept. as a Firefighter, Fire Equipment Operator and Medical First Responder.

Gary began teaching firearms classes in 2011 and is certified in several disciplines with the NRA and the United States Concealed Carry Association.  He also enjoys competing in defensive pistol and Cowboy action shooting and hunting.  Additionally, Gary is the Director of Safety & Security at his local Church and is called on to consult with other Churches developing safety ministries.

Gary retired from GRFD in 2015 and began working at Barracks 616 in 2016.  He has a passion for teaching and strives to enhance his instructing abilities through further training.


United States Concealed Carry Association Certified Instructor

Concealed Carry & Home Defense

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals I & II

Countering the Mass Shooter Threat

National Rifle Association Certified Instructor

Basic Pistol

Personal Protection in the Home

Personal Protection Outside the Home

MAG 40 (Legal use of deadly force) Masaad Ayoob

ICE “Intuitive Defensive Shooting” Rob Pincus

M & P Armorer

 Bad Day Industries

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

Church Responder Training


Michigan State Police “Security Issues in Places of Worship”

Sheepdog Seminars (Church Security) Col. Dave Grossman

 2TheRescue    Church Security Team Training

Kent County Sheriff Dept. “Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events”

Instructor: Rodolfo Lionel Salinas

Rodolfo Lionel Salinas

 Served in the U.S ARMY from 2003-2012 as an Infantryman (11B)
 Served with Eco 102 nd MI 2ID LRSD (ARTO/RTO) Camp Essayons S. Korea
 Served with Aco 1/9 later 2/8 1stCav 1 st Bde Ft. Hood, Texas
 Served in Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom(IV/V/VI)
 Served in Iraq for Operation New Dawn
 Before leaving the Army received certificates for E.M.T. through Central
Texas College
 Graduate of Central Texas College with degrees in Social Sciences and
Interdisciplinary Studies
 Worked as an Orthotic and Prosthetic Technician (specialized in child
orthotics) 2014-2016 for O&P National Fab in Round Rock Texas
 While finishing double major in Allied Health Sciences (O.T. & P.T.) at GVSU
started an armed security company Eleven Series Ltd.
 Invented and patented the Auto Cant Holster in 2017 (Eleven Series Holsters
 Began work at B616 2017

Dan Boelens

Instructor Dan Bolens

Dan served in the U.S. Army from 1968-1970 (Vietnam) where he was awarded the Purple Heart. He served 8 years in the National Guard during the Iranian Crisis.

Dan has 25 years experience in law enforcement, including 12 years on the Kentwood Police Special Response Team. Dan also worked for Eastern Michigan University as an Assistant Instructor with SOS Temps/former SEAL Team 6 teaching SWAT courses, including CQB.

Since 9/11, Dan has worked for several security companies in both domestic and foreign theatres in their personal protection divisions. He served on protection details for V.I.P.s including Hollywood celebrities, sport professionals, and political figures.

Dan deployed 5 times with Blackwater as a team leader on Personal Security Detail. He completed 2 tours each in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2004, Dan formed his own company, Eagle Tactical, providing tactical/gun training — as well as personal protection services — to private clients.


Become a Member

    “30 Day” Membership



  • Free range time during store hours
  • One-Time Waiver

     No hidden fees, no tricks – its that simple

    “Enlisted” Membership

      $250 annually, or $150 semi-annually


  • Free range use first three business hours on weekdays
  • Free range use all day Thursday
  • One-time waiver/policies sign-in (Member is required to disclose any changes to their status)
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      $450 annually, or $250 semi-annually


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  • 5% off firearms
  • 10% in-stock merchandise
  • $10 discount on all firearm transfers
  • Annual: Ten (10) 1-hour guest range passes ; Semi – Annual: Five (5) 1-hour guest range passes
  • Annual: Three (3) Free Private Lessons ; Semi – Annual: One (1) Free Private Lesson
  • 10% Off All Classes
  • Private Lesson for 2 people for only $100
  • Free CPL Renewal Course if CPL expires during membership
  • Ammunition Discount – 20% Off FMJ Range Ammo – Valid for 4 boxes of 50 rounds per visit. *Regular Priced, In-stock Ammo Only
  • 2nd membership in the same household is 1/2 off

    “Corporate” Membership

      $250 per month – 10 Person Membership*


  • Free range time during store hours
  • One-time waiver/policies sign-in (Member is required to disclose any changes to their status)
  • Discounted Private Range Rental

*Additional members can be added for $25 each and will expire with the original account.

Reservations required for Main and Private Range use. Private Range Rentals must be at least 2 weeks in advance.

Private Range Rentals are $100 per hour with an additional $25 RSO fee.

Monthly billing cycle.


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